Weatherproof an extension cord

Weatherproofing Extension Cord

Have you ever used extension cords on an outdoor project?

…and then forgot to weatherproof them!?

Unprotected outdoor extension cords can stop working as a result of water seeping into the gaps between connections.

Rain, humidity, snow or even animals are just a few threats and any of them could stop the juice from flowing to where you need power the most.

Here is how Tommy Tape helps stop the water from intruding!

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How to protect a laptop charger cable

The laptop charger cable is always the first thing to go after you just spent hundreds or maybe thousands on a new laptop a few months before. It’s a tragic story and we all experience it. To make matters worse, finding a replacement for your exact model is no easy task either. If your charger is still working, here’s an inexpensive way to protect your laptop charger cable or power cord from further damage.

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