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General Repairs Using Miracle Wrap


Begin peeling liner away from the silicone tape

2) Press firmly on object being wrapped

3) Hold in place and begin first
    wrap completely over itself

4) STRETCH at 2 to 3 times it's length and wrap object with a 2/3 overlap to ensure a proper seal.

5) Wrap tape completely over
     previous layer and press firmly

Your repair is complete!



Pressurized Hose Repairs Using Miracle Wrap


Turn water supply off if possible and make sure work surfaces are clean and dry

2)Pre-cut three pieces of Tommy Tape to 6" lengths and one piece to 12" long.

3) Begin "bracketing" the leak. Wrap an 6"length of tape, using a half-overlap, VERY tightly on one side of the leak. Be careful NOT to cover leak

4) Repeat Step 3 on the opposite side of the leak, while being careful NOT to cover leak

5) Wrap the third 6" length using a minimal stretch. This layer should start in the middle of the 1st layer and overlap onto opposite side. Building up wall thickness is VERY important for pressurized leaks

6) Wrap the 12" piece over the entire repair. Begin on one side of the leak, make 2-3 circular wraps as TIGHT as possible using MAXIMUM stretch before beginning the half-overlap across the damaged area. This creates a CLAMP effect. Make the last 2-3 wraps circular to form a tight waterproof seal.

7) The water can now be turned back on when needed. For best results, leave Tommy Tape for a few hours to ensure cohesive bond strength and optimal performance.

8) CAUTION: Pressurized repair results vary depending on damage condition and household water pressure. Additional layers may be necessary with pressures over 50psi.

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