Self-fusing silicone is one of the most unique tapes out there and we get A LOT of questions.
Here are some answers to questions we’ve been asked over the years.

Tommy Tape is a brand of specialty tapes that includes Miracle Wrap and Nitro Tape. Miracle Wrap is our general purpose home, DIY and outdoor repair tape. Nitro Tape is geared toward our automotive and powersport enthusiasts. Together, they both create an impressive suite of alternative options for everyday repairs.

Tommy Tape brand tapes are made of self-fusing silicone rubber. The silicone is specially formulated so that when it is applied and comes in contact with itself, it immediately begins to bond. This eliminates the need for messy adhesives that leave your repair (and your hands!) in worse shape than when you started.

Self-fusing silicone technology was originally developed for the US Military by university engineers and scientists in the 1950’s. The challenge was to find an effective alternative to standard vinyl electrical tapes and plastic “zip” ties that would be able to withstand the harshest of operating environments. They needed a durable, high temperature rated, and easy to use wrap with a “low profile” for the wiring harnesses and electrical components of the F4 Fighter Jets. Veteran aircraft mechanics refer to self-fusing silicone as “F4 Tape”.

The bond is achieved through very unique chemistry. Self-fusing silicone tapes uses a cross-linking technology that quickly links one tape molecule to another. Imagine taking two extremely small paper clips and linking them together, and then try pulling them apart. This happens in millions of places on a molecular level in the tape, thus providing a permanent bond to itself that cannot be separated once cured.

Silicone has many resilient features that most vinyl and plastic tapes do not possess. Silicone has a tremendous resistance to extreme temperatures, environmental conditions, chemicals, fluids, and oils. Silicone is also a perfect insulating alternative to vinyl electrical tape.

Unopened, Tommy Tape shelf life is guaranteed for one year. As long as you keep our tape in a cool and dry place, it will last for many years beyond that. Once applied, Tommy Tape brand silicone tape will last as long as you need it to. We have seen applications last 15+ years and still going strong.

This lining is applied during manufacturing to prevent the silicone from sticking to itself. Peel this liner away before you begin your repair.

You can use Tommy Tape for just about ANYTHING you can wrap. This is including but not limited to pipes, cylinders, hoses, wires, electrical splices and terminations. Use it to weatherproof and protect landscape lighting systems as well as outdoor wiring systems from corrosion and moisture. The possibilities for this tape are endless. Check our ever growing list of uses by clicking the button below.

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Yes! Tommy Tape products can be used underwater. Tommy Tape’s water absorption rates are very low, making them practical for use underwater. We see a lot of customers using it in their fish tank as well as on their boats, swimming pool hoses and irrigation systems.

For electrical applications, you typically need 1 to 2 layers of tape for the job. When sealing leaks, 3 to 5 layers will be required depending on the line pressure and severity of the leak. You will also need to start the wrap 3 to 5 inches away from the leak on both sides, as to build a “wall” to strengthen the repair. Always be sure to follow instructions included with every roll of Tommy Tape for the best repair. You can find directions to all Tommy Tape products by clicking the button below.

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You can remove it easily using a scissor or knife (preferably a utility knife for safety). Once removed, there is no residue left behind.

No. Tommy Tape is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays as well as many salts and chemicals.

For best results, you should clear as much debris or mess from your project as possible, but Tommy Tape is very forgiving in allowing you to conform to irregular shapes and dirty surfaces. Avoid getting dirt in between the wrapped layers as this will interfere with bonding.

Tommy Tape can be purchased on our webstore at It is also available in select stores throughout the USA and other parts of the world.