The Tommy Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Tape Dispenser makes self-fusing silicone tape even easier to use. Simply load it with either Miracle Wrap or Nitro Tape silicone tape, slide the liner onto the spool, and begin your repair. The liner collects on the spool to eliminate clean-up and speed up repairs. Using the Tommy Tape Dispenser will save you time and eliminate frustration on anything you can wrap including wood, ceramic, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, and more!

Tommy Tape Dispenser Diagram

Use as a dispenser

Pull Tommy Tape out to your desired length for application and use the cut button to disengage. Get the perfect length and quantity of pieces you need faster and easier.

Tommy Tape Dispenser - Use as a dispenser

Tommy Tape Dispenser - Use as an applicator

Use as an applicator

The Tommy Tape dispenser can also act as an applicator. Achieve tighter and cleaner wraps by using it as you are wrapping your repair. Even works in some hard to reach places!

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